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発売開始!/ Out in Stores!

St.Clairの新しいアルバム”The Epilogue”発売開始しました!是非、お買い求めください!よろしくお願いします!

St.Clair’s new album “The Epilogue” is out in stores! Make sure you grab a copy!

全国リリース!/ Worldwide Release!

いよいよ明日、St.Clairの新しいアルバム”The Epilogue”が全国リリースされます!当日は新宿Head Powerでワンマンライブ!よろしくお願いします!


St.Clair’s new album “The Epilogue” will be out in stores tomorrow! They will also be playing a show at Shinjuku Head Power to celebrate their new release! Make sure you grab a copy and come to the show!


先行予約!/ Pre-orders!

St.Clairの新しいアルバム”The Epilogue”を渋谷/新宿/秋葉原のタワーレコードで予約(店頭予約、電話予約)した方には2つの特典が付きます!



If you pre-order our new album “The Epilogue” at Shibuya/Shinjuku/Akihabara Tower Records, you will receive a free ticket to one of our shows! It can be used anywhere, starting from our show on August 20th till our tour final in December! You will also receive a DVD, including our new music video and behind the scenes! There is a limit on the number of CDs, so make sure you pre-order it quickly!

ライブ!/ Shows!


May and June shows are up! Check them out!